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Workers Compensation for Data Processors

How can a Safety Group save my business money?

The prospective Data Processors Safety Group offers Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage for organizations that develop software, design websites, host networks and provide technology support. Eligible members of the prospective Data Processors Safety Group will enjoy upfront savings of up to 20%. If the prospective Safety Group grows in size and achieves written premiums of at least $500,000 at State Fund rates, dividends can be cut to the membership based on the group’s performance. All dividends are subject to the approval of the State Insurance Fund using the above mentioned criteria and are not guaranteed.

What is a Safety Group?

New York State Insurance Fund Safety Groups offer fully insured plans. Safety group members can not be assessed for additional premiums beyond their earned premiums for a given policy year. This makes the safety group a safe alternative for employer participation from both an insurance and financial standpoint. You can find out more about safety groups by visiting The New York State Insurance Fund website at www.nysif.com.

What is the New York State Insurance Fund?

The New York State Insurance Fund is New York’s largest provider of Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage. First established in 1914, it operates as a non-profit agency of the State of New York competing with private insurers to provide statutory coverage for workers injured on the job. If you would like to know more about The New York State Insurance Fund, their website is www.nysif.com.

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